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iflowers and the Virtual Gallery are presented as a free service to our internet guests. It has proved to be a reliable and well-received site with many, many visitors. However, we assume no liability for its use or for your lost sentiments of undying devotion, even in the most desperate cases of relationships going astray. (Although we do sympathize with you!)

In this vein we should mention that if your relationship is particularly fragile, then free pictures of flowers will probably not save it, although two dozen real roses with a teddy bear might. See our links for ordering real flowers for this.

We review our e-mail daily Monday-Saturday and respond as soon as possible, usually the same day. This may take several days during peak floral periods such as the week before Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.

Mac Users!  If you are on a Macintosh computer and have difficulty picking up a virtual gift, you may need to update your system or browser software. In the meantime, after entering your pick-up code, try using the TAB key on your keyboard to get to the "Pick Up Gift" button. Then, hit ENTER / RETURN. This method seems to work for others and may also be a helpful technique for you on other sites.

AOL Users!  If you are seeing "Internet Explorer cannot locate site" or "Server Unavailable" during a pick-up or send submission then this is almost always caused by problems with access on AOL's side, please try again later. We also find that many problems on AOL are resolved by clearing the browser cache. This setting is under the VIEW menu, called OPTIONS or INTERNET OPTIONS and you want to " delete temporary internet files."

To protect your privacy we do not record the names or e-mail addresses of our visitors and as a result, we are unable to help in the case of a misplaced pick-up number in our Virtual Gallery. Only the sender and the recipient are notified of the pick-up number.

If you are having difficulty picking up your free Virtual Gift we suggest the following:

  • Read the screen instructions carefully. A pick-up is made going to the Pick Up page and locating the entry box found in the Pick-Up Your Virtual Gift section . Enter the pick-up number exactly as it appears in your notification and then press the Pick-Up Flowers button. Your Virtual Gift will be displayed.
  • The pick-up code number will always be a two or three digit number, a hyphen, another number and your e-mail name. Example, 205-734flwrlvr.
  • For accuracy's sake, we recommend that you highlight the pick-up number in your notification message and then copy it and paste it into the pick-up screen. (If you don't know how to do that, ask a friend or just forget we said anything about it!)
  • Some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer will trick our system into telling you that the pick-up number is incorrect if you have cut-and-pasted extra spaces at the end of the pick-up number. Try deleting any extra spaces at the end.
  • We've found that in some cases AOL users may get the message, but no image. This is a browser setting issue. Open the AOL browser and select the Prefs button. Put a check in the box for "Uncompressed Images" and this will allow you to view the image. If the problem persists, then try going back to Prefs, selecting the Advanced button and then clicking on the Purge Cache button.
  • Some users report problems with Netscape crashing when they they try to print their Virtual Gift. This is a problem between Windows and Netscape and we can only suggest using a newer browser.
  • If you still need help, please send us a copy of your original e-mail notification by pulling it up in your mail program and forwarding it to .

Thank you for visiting the iflowers Virtual Gallery.

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